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Neighborhood Houses is now Unleashing Potential

Do you pay Missouri State income taxes?  Would you like to pay less next year?  Learn more about the Youth Opportunity tax credits and how you can double your support of Neighborhood Houses.

Learn about extraordinary children, young adults and their families that learn and grow through Neighborhood Houses.

See their stories here.

We can only help children reach their magnificent potential with the help of magnificent givers.

Learn more about how to give to Neighborhood Houses here.

What are your magnificent gifts? We would love to learn about them and find ways you can help Neighborhood Houses with future programs and events.

To get involved, start here.

One of St. Louis’ oldest and important nonprofits has set a new direction for unleashing the potential of St. Louis’ children, families, and neighborhoods.  That new direction? UP - Unleashing Potential.


Take a peek at our new website, launching in early 2018, here.

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